Questions from a “Food Snob”

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Hello, my name is Jen, and I am a “food snob.”

Tonight I was watching one of my favorite movies, “Ratatouille” and really feeling like a complete food snob as I indulged in my local olives, hand-made local goat cheese from goats that eat GRASS (what a novel idea. Goats eating grass. ahem…excuse me, my snobbish-ness is coming out), sardines caught in Portugal’s clean waters (the Açores), smoked salmon from Norway, watermelon grown on a family farm, and tea from flowers and hand-harvested wild edibles in Austria.  I have been quite the snob about food in my adult life, and have annoyed a great many people at get-togethers and family functions of all sorts, of this I am quite sure.  Like Anton Ego in that movie, “If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow.”  Although I would venture to guess his statement is more about flavor (which believe me, I am a freak about flavor) but that is not the only thing that concerns me when I swallow food.  I am also concerned with where my food comes from, how close to home it is grown, who touched the food before it hit my mouth, how it was grown, and most importantly, if it is actual food.

Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, medicine thy food.”  Ahh….if only the health world would take that oath, and truly understand what this means instead of letting greedy corporations rule the day and take away food freedoms while simultaneously pushing non-food substances as “better-for-you” food.   For me,  real food is my healer and the wrong food is my destroyer.  It only takes one bad meal to throw my system into a meltdown, but it only takes about three good meals to get it back on track.  What baffles me though, is how anyone can consistently eat poor quality “food-like” substances (I won’t say food, because most of the things sold in your regular grocery stores simply, are not food!)  can survive.  I am in constant awe of the adaptability of the human body.  Even dis-ease is an adaptation to a stressor, and if it wasn’t an adaptation, the body would simply die.

I really am in complete awe and disgust of what goes on in the food industry and what people will actually chew and swallow, sometimes even after you tell them what they are really eating.  I am going to be a complete snob again, and say why the hell would anyone, knowing they were eating, cancer-causing, drug-filled, puss milk, for example, go and swallow that again?  Really people, I don’t get it.  I know humans on the whole do not have the ability to sense long-term dangers, but puss???  You don’t honestly care you are drinking puss when you consume conventional dairy products, (and yes, this does include ice cream)!?!   Please, all  you out there reading who are not food snobs like myself, please explain this most fascinating of human behavior to me.

I would really also like to know, as a food snob, why is it that you don’t honestly care about these following things that take place with your food?  (I don’t care to hear that you cannot afford real food, because that is not an excuse, real food is your most basic need after real water and oxygen; so those “bills,” that concert, that movie, the new outfit, the new haircut, the iPhone you have, I don’t want to hear about them.)

How can you chew and swallow (assuming you have heard these before, and if not, and plan to eat these things anyway):

  • Cheese made from silicone that has even been banned for breast implants it is so toxic, which is found in chain pizza places’ cheese like Pizza hut (aka- Polydimethylsiloxane)
  • Sand, also in cheese from fast food places like Burger King in particular (aka- silicon dioxide)
  • Sawdust, that anti-caking agent in all shredded cheese products conventional and organic (cellulose), and in place of real seeds in jellies like Smucker’s strawberry jam
  • Rice from China that is really made from plastic
  • Beaver Anal glands which are used to create the flavors “vanilla,” “strawberry,” and “raspberry” in all types of conventional ice cream, candies, and syrups (castoreum)
  • Human hair in bread products (L-cysteine or just cysteine)
  • Anti-freeze in both ice cream and baked goods or cake and muffin mixes (propylene glycol and gelatin hydrolysate)
  • Arsenic found in baby foods
  • DDT which we know under it’s new name “Splenda”
  • Drosophilia fly eggs which are found on conventional raisins
  • Burgers and French Fries that simply will not decompose, even after sitting on a counter for 10 years! This is a McDonald’s  “Happy” meal for you.
  • Cancerous tumors and growths of cows (and chickens) that have been fed heat-treated garbage, which are cut off, ground up,  and used to make hamburger (or chicken nuggets)
  • Carbon Monoxide- yes that poisonous gas you may have a detector for in your home, which is used on all conventional meat to “wash” it and keep it pink well after it’s expiration date- well after
  • Glue so toxic they have to use masks and gloves to handle it to literally glue meat chunks together to make them look like  a nice cut of  round sirloin
  • A poisonous substance called Asparatame that is really more like chlorine, and the handlers of it have to wear full body suits like HASMAT workers in order to add it to foods and drinks
  • Agent Orange, yes that stuff that seriously messed up the Vietnam vets, and deformed thousands of babies, with it’s new name “Round-up” which makes it’s way into damn near every conventional farm in America, and every other Monsanto tit-sucking country (or Monsanto bullied country I should also say)
  • Lead, that metal that people are always joking around about saying “they must have eaten lead paint chips as a kid” which happens to be used as a pesticide on apples and cranberries of the conventional sort
  • Methane gas, which is used to ripen green tomatoes
  • And the all time disgust as of late, the one that takes the gross prize of the century: Aborted fetal cells!  Yes, the company Senomyx uses aborted fetal cells as “flavor enhancers” in food sometimes known as “artificial flavors”

Really, people, I am going to stop there.  There is more, much, much more.  I think I hit the big ones here on the gross factor side, and if anyone can answer my question as to how and why you could ever eat another pre-packaged, fast food, or conventional food-like thing from a grocery store again- please “enlighten” me.

Jen, the food snob, signing off…..
(psst..enjoy one of my favorite scenes from Ratatouille. )

Here are the links to resources for above statements:

Sand and Silicone in cheese:


Plastic Rice:

Beaver Anal Glands:

Human hair in bread products:

Anti-freeze in food, Google it, but here is the Wikipedia link:

Arsenic in baby food:

Splenda like DDT:

Drosophilia fly eggs in raisins:

McDonald’s burger that won’t decompose (I have personally, with my own eyes seen a 10 yr. old happy meal):

Beef production:

Fast food chicken dangers:  (ps- what I say about burgers and chicken nuggets, I have read a great many books, and watched some horrific films that I will not post here as they are too gruesome, you will have to research more yourself if you don’t want to take my word for it)

Carbon monoxide in meat:

Meat Glue: and

Asparatame research:

Google Agent Orange and Monsanto, check these out:

Cranberry bog contamination:  (I was told by an organic apple farmer that they switched to organic because Lead is the number one component of conventional apple farms’ pesticides- and yes this does include that farm you go apple-picking at in the fall where there are hay rides, and apple pies and pumpkins.  Do a search on this if you don’t believe me, once again.)

Watch this movie for more info on how tomatoes are ripened and many, more things:

Aborted fetal cells in use by Senomyx:


Tips to Keep Easter Healthy

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Easter is one of the worst holidays for colored “treats” for children.  Unnatural dyes in foods are beyond bad for children and adults for that matter.  They cause hyperactivity, tumors, endocrine disruption, thyroid dysfunction, severe allergic reaction, and just a “rainbow” of negative effects.  They have even been banned in Europe (although it seems they are still sneaking their way in here).  They mesmerize children with their bright colors, and adults, unfortunately, are just as mesmerized as they come to think of them as toys for the mouth.  This Easter, wouldn’t it be better to devise a new plan for the beloved Easter basket?  Here are some of the things I have done, or things that I have heard of, that can help your children have just as much fun without those jelly beans and peeps.

  • Dye your eggs the “old fashioned” way by using beet juice and turmeric and tea.  The dye from those PAAS tablets (or a knock off) always somehow leaks through to the eggs inside.  Here is a good resource on how to do this:  I have done this and the eggs turn out beautiful and it is fun!
  • Here is another really cool idea I would love to try for silk-dyed eggs:
  • Instead of candy, make them some Carrot Cake Muffins with Cream Cheese Frosting (and please skip those fake carrot candies for the top).  Here is my recipe I use every year for Easter (minus the cream cheese frosting, but that is really just softened cream cheese with confectioner’s sugar).
  • Here is a recipe for some naturally dyed nut-butter fudge that is oh so pretty and can be shaped however you like:
  • Another recipe for some cute bird’s nests on the same site:
  • Instead of candy in the baskets, give them little toys.  Balls, stuffed animals, matchbox cars, kites, bubbles, lego sets, Easter hair tyes, fun socks, books, etc. all make great basket stuffers.
  • As a little girl, I remember getting a surprise Easter dress on Easter morning to wear for the day, so instead of giving it to them ahead of time, surprise them with it on that morning (equipped with hat, purse, and gloves).  If you are on a tight budget, you can always find gently worn Easter dresses and Easter suits for boys at consignment shops (or ask friends with older children).
  • Make sure they eat a good breakfast, and they are less likely to indulge in so much sweets.  My favorite holiday breakfast that makes it easy and no wait time is “Overnight Oatmeal” (and of course for Easter you can add in the hard-boiled eggs).  Here is the recipe if you have a crockpot:
  • If you want to hide eggs, hide the hard-boiled eggs instead (if you have dogs, lock them up) and don’t worry about them spoiling, they should be able to sit out all day and be fine.  If you want to use the plastic eggs, put in coins and stickers in them instead of filling with candy, or put in some organic cereal, nuts, or organic raisins.  For girls, you can also get little hair ties, jelly bracelets, stick-on earrings.  For boys you can get marbles, small bouncy balls, or lego guys.
  • Another treat that can be added to the basket is dried fruit or organic fruit leather (please do not use the non-organic fruit strips, those are nothing but dyes, HFCS, and flavorings).

Just remember to have fun and watch their sugar intake on Easter or any holiday!

Happy Easter!

Health Principle #26

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I haven’t been posting in a while to this blog, and I wanted to apologize for that to my readers that had been following along quite diligently with me.  Life is full of amazing things that we attract into it, and which play themselves out in surprising ways sometimes.  I am currently working on a health retreat/ destination vacation with a new friend who is an American life coach living in Madrid.  We are setting up our first retreat in June of this year, and have been working very hard to get everything together.  I did want to share with everyone a newsletter that one of my favorite philosophical Chiropractors, Dr. Kevin Donka,  recently wrote.  I think that you will find it interesting, and it goes right back to what I have said throughout the whole of my blog posts.  Keep your body healthy, be proactive instead of reactive by making sure you have a clear brain-body connection through Chiropractic, you are eating right, eliminating toxins both physically and emotionally, you exercise, sleep and breathe well.    Enjoy his words:

My Discussion With an MD About Health, Principle #26, Quantum Mechanics, and Life by Kevin Donka, D.C.

I had an awesome discussion with a friend yesterday on Skype who is an MD, a PhD pharmacologist, and an oncologist.  He saw someone’s Facebook post that read, “If you don’t promote health, you get disease by default.”  But he also has seen me write time and time again that health is our natural state.  He is both a spiritual man and a scientist, and he asked me if I thought this was true, and if so, why our Creator would have set things up, as he put it, “to make our failure so inevitable.  That seems really cruel to me.”

This led me to a short discussion of Principle #26 (from chiropractic’s 33 Principles) which is a comparison of Universal and Innate Forces.  This says, “In order to carry on the universal cycle of life, Universal forces are destructive, and Innate forces are constructive, as regards structural matter.”  I explained that the Universe is set up to break down anything that is not actively growing, in order to always have the resources available to continually build itself anew.

I then added that I thought that this was far from cruel.  In fact, I believe it is one of the most loving things our creator could do for us.  I explained that when things are going along smoothly, there is very little motivation to grow and become more.  And, that when we get too comfortable, that same thing happens to us.  At this point he interrupted, “OK, I can see that, and I don’t disagree.  But what does that have to do with health?”

I continued explaining that a certain amount of chaos and discomfort is necessary to inspire us to keep expanding ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We call chaos in the body dis-easeDis-ease is like a fire alarm, alerting us that something is wrong. We are meant to pay attention to it, not just ignore it or cover it up with medications or other methods.  In fact, I always say that “pain” is really an acronym for Pay Attention Inside Now!  And, many times when we are in a state of dis-ease, we are forced to take time out from our busy lives to examine what brought us to the place we find ourselves in, and create a new plan that will take us progressively toward where we would rather be.

I added that one of the easiest and most effective ways to create chaos in the body is to allow something called subluxation to occur.  Subluxation is a partial disconnect between the brain and body, usually caused by a loss of alignment and function in the spine, which then affects the central nerve system because of the intimate connections between the spine and spinal cord.

This causes the individual parts of the body to function at less than 100%.  Plus, it causes a loss of coordination so that the whole body now functions with less harmony and ease; it is in a state of chaos.  In other words, it creates dis-ease. And, as we have said, dis-ease can motivate us to get our lives back on track, and begin sharing our greatest gifts with the world.  It can take us from simply trying to get through each day, and inspire us to begin giving to each day.

At this point he asked, “So you’re saying that this subluxation is a good thing then?”  YES!” I replied, “In the grand scheme of things, it stirs our creativity to be and do more in our  lives!”  “Well then why do you ever adjust someone?” He asked, confused.  “Because once the spark has started our flame of desire, we no longer need the spark.  In fact, it can (and WILL) actually inhibit us if we stay subluxated.  “Like the electric spark that starts the burners on my gas stove at home, right?” he added.  “Exactly!” I smiled in response.

I saw a light bulb come on in his mind.  “Wow, so this principle you mentioned; it says that the universe is out to break me down, but I have a constructive force inside of me that will counteract it and even overcome it, if it is allowed to work the way it’s supposed to?”  “That’s it,” I answered.

He was silent for a moment, and then said, “You know, this is WAY more scientific than anything I ever learned in medical school.  In fact, it might just be one of the biggest ideas I have ever come across in my entire life.  I can apply this to almost anything and everything and come away with a clearer understanding of the incredible synchronicity, design, and purpose of the universe.  Amazing.  Amazing.”

Chiropractic is so much more than just a drugless way to get well.  It is in fact a philosophy for life.  Quantum mechanics is now beginning to verify what DD Palmer said over 100 years ago, and what we have been teaching ever since.  A Universal Intelligence is in all matter, and continually gives to it all its properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existence.  And the expression of this Intelligence through matter is the ENTIRE MEANING OF LIFE.

Why is it so important to make sure you and your family see your chiropractor every week or two?  Because, by keeping your spine aligned and functioning properly, your brain and body stay maximally connected, and you are more likely to keep growing stronger and healthier every day.  This then allows you all to continually move toward more fully expressing your purposes and potentials in life, and to lovingly share your gifts – the truth of who you are, at the highest possible level.


Being Aware Could Save Your Life!

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As “Breast Cancer Awareness month” comes to a close, and the pink ribbons are slowly being replaced with holiday ornaments, I would like to share with you some insight I have gained the years in reading and researching.

There are so many people ready to take up this cause, lend their support, and find their voice in this matter. That is wonderful.  I am one person on the mission to help people become more “aware.”  However, the way I do this is not by donning a pink ribbon, or “racing for cures.”  The way I take up the cause, and lend my support is by truly creating awareness, shedding light on this very touchy, very palpable subject. This may label me as “crazy” once again, because what I say is nowhere near mainstream acceptance of the issues surrounding it.

Emotions run high amongst many on this issue.  I am one person who has truly felt the sharp pangs of sadness and deepest sympathy for those who have been labeled with this “dis-ease.”  I have two great Aunts (still currently alive thankfully) who have gone through this horrible pain.  Many others in my family, including my Mother and a close friend, who have died of what they put on the death certificate as the cause “cancer,” in forms other than the breast.

I could go on listing all the reasons the pink campaigns are bogus, how the organizations care more about gaining financial wealth than about a “cure.”  I am 100% certain that while there may be people working within the campaigns and donating money to the cause that truly and honestly from the bottom of their hearts want there to be a cure found, that the organization itself does, just as much, not want a cure found, as that would put them out of business.  What a grand business it is too!  Cancer has become an industry that thrives on the weak.  If you only do a tiny bit of research, you can come up with the marred past very easily, and how many cures that do, in fact, exist, have been ignored time and time again by these campaigns.  It is so clear that they will never find a “cure” as it would simply put them out of business.  They will continue to ignore the metaphorical, “elephant in the room” as long as people follow their lead and ignore the many ways that one can heal.  I am afraid, as long as there are people willing to give over their money to the drug companies (who truly run these campaigns) they will keep claiming lives instead of saving them, with the use of mammograms, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgeries, and their contradictory recommendations to life-saving means.   Check out this site for some more information regarding these fund-raisers for cancer:

All this aside, if you study German New Medicine, or any other body-mind-soul evidence, you will see that to even get into this fragile “dis-ease” state, there has to be either an “emotional shock” experience, or a great amount of stress to the body, that causes it to go into “protect” mode.  I will say that again, “protect” mode.  You see, just as the body knows how to heal a cut, cause a fever to rid an invader, or purge of something harmful, it creates cancer cells to “protect” the body.  We all have cancer cells within us.  When they start proliferating, and become an “issue” it is our innate intelligence trying to protect us by giving us a warning of where there is too much stress.  Each organ of the body has a particular emotion attached to it.  Let’s take the stomach as an example, as I am very familiar with this one because of my Mother.  Whenever my Mother got upset and cried, she always said, “my stomach hurts” or “this is eating away at me,”  and she would not eat.  She underwent this kind of stress at least once a week for about 29 years because of two bad marriages.  It was no wonder, when the doctors performed the first surgery on her, that they found her stomach to be completely full of holes.  The body had literally created what she kept saying and feeling emotionally.

When we learn of breast cancer, through the eyes of German New Medicine, we see a shock or a long-endured stress that relates to either a child (one of the breasts) or the partner/ husband (the other breast). Here is a clip from the research article explaining the corresponding side of the issue to where the emotional trauma lies:

Dr. Hamer found that our laterality determines whether a disease, like cancer, develops on the right or left side of
the body. This is the rule: a right-handed person responds to a conflict with his/her mother or children with the left
side of the body, but responds to a conflict that relates to a “partner,” e.g., father, sibling, relative, friend, colleague, etc., with the right side. For left-handers it is the reverse. There is always a crossover relation from the brain to the body, because each hemisphere of the brain (excluding the brain stem) directs the opposite side of
the body.  The simplest way to identify our biological laterality is the clapping-test. The hand on top is the leading hand and indicates whether we are right-handed or left-handed. Thus, a breast cancer in the right breast, an ovarian cyst on the left ovary, a skin disorder on the right or left side (or both), a motor paralysis on the left side (e.g., after a stroke), give us a first indication “who” was involved when the original conflict took place. Concerning more advanced conflicts (and brain regions), the hormone status also has to be taken into account for an accurate assessment.

Sometimes it is the lack of a child, and the shock that the woman is infertile that can set this off.  For example also, the sudden loss of a child or a husband is enough for an over-taxed woman’s body, to set breast cancer into motion.  The good news is, though, that by getting these emotions back under control, it can be changed.  However, it is socially dictated to us to fear cancer, and once you have it, and see these “campaigns” still searching for cures, and doctors giving life time-lines, women tend to get even more over-taxed emotionally, and fear sets in causing the cancer to become more “aggressive” as the despair becomes more “aggressive.”

This being understood, it can be clearly seen why the woman on the movie, “The Secret” was able to heal completely when she walked out of her MD’s office, did not look back, and did not take any sort of medical “treatments.”  Her big “secret” was that she went home, put it out of her head, and focused instead on health and happiness.  She says in the movie that she did not look at any negative things, only kept things light,  laughed with her husband as much as she could, and kept repeating over and over again, “thank you for my healing.”  This “secret” is no secret at all, yet our minds like to create complex issues where only simple solutions are needed.  No one ever truly dies of cancer, they die because of the way they treat it, either emotionally or with complex body-weakening chemicals.

Through my own observations of my Mother, my friend, and the others in my family who have died from what they called “cancer” I see that this emotional loss and the treatments they underwent is what truly sealed their fate and most definitely not the cancer. I have read numerous stories where a false diagnosis of cancer from a doctor is enough to put the person in so much shock they die, and then after the death, it is learned that they did not, indeed, have any cancer.  When I said before I was livid with the doctors for telling my Mother how much time she had left to live, or with my Stepdad for making funeral plans over her sick bed while he presumed she could not hear, this is the exact reason why.

The other aspect of Cancer awareness I tend to bring into light is the toxicity or severe deficiencies (like lack of unfiltered sunlight on the skin to create vitamin D) that helps lend itself to the creation of “dis-ease” in the body.  However, if German New Medicine holds up time and time again to scrutiny, then this is only the straw that broke the camel’s back in “dis-ease” creation.  Think of it this way, if you are driving without a seat-belt in a fast car, will it kill you?  Probably not, but if you get into an accident, it may be the difference in saving your life or not.  The more we live and strive for clean, pure environments for our body, the more we give our body safety measures, should an “emotional accident” occur.  Furthermore, if we keep the connection between our brain and the rest of our body clear of interference, so that innate intelligence is not hindered in it’s divine process, then we are able to more easily adapt to our internal environment.  Remember too, that everything is energy.  Our bodies are, at the smallest level, pure energy.  Everything we touch, hear, see, eat, smell, and  feel is also energy.  The more positive energy things we experience, the better off we will be, and reversely, the more negative energy things we take in, the more we are weakened.

In conclusion, strive for a clean pure environment, both internally and externally, keep emotions in check, and make sure there is a clear brain-body connection (through regular chiropractic care).  When others are suffering, lend your support and encouragement in whatever way you can, and help them to rid of toxins both mentally and physically.  Laughter and love are truly the best medicines there are!

Here is something to add some positive energy to your day: 

Watcha doin’ with that…

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Health is affected by everything surrounding the body, everything put into the body, our thoughts, and how we cope with outward and inward stressors.  The very first choices, unfortunately, are not our own.  As infants, every choice is made for us by our parents or care-takers. As parents, we have our children’s lives and health in our hands, so if you are a parent, protect this well.  Most importantly, as a parent we must be educated on every little thing we do with our child, and not rely on what a very sick society is telling us.  The very first choice after birth is what to feed our child.

When my children were born, I lifted them gently out of the water, laid them on my chest, and immediately started nursing.  This is because nursing will naturally release the placenta if it has not already detached.  No pulling on the cord (which I mentioned before could kill the mother due to an inverted uterus), the baby feels comforted immediately, and nourished after what could have been many long hours of the birthing process with the mother most likely not eating much to sustain the baby in it’s transitory process.

The first food, colostrum, is truly wondrous.  It contains a huge dose of essential antibodies and essential nutrients.  The newborn needs this protection in the beginning of life as their immune systems are not fully developed.  There are also naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids called DHA and AA contained within breast milk.  They are important for brain development, circulatory function, and heart health.  Formula companies try to mimic DHA and AA, but the synthetic forms are actually quite dangerous.  In the synthetic form DHA has been known to cause seizures, diarrhea, and dehydration.

Breastmilk is also known to contain human growth hormones.  They are essential for a growing baby.  When a child is pre-term, the human growth hormones, IGF-1 can even be life-saving.

I recently read a study conducted in 2006 that said that if all babies were breastfed in the first hour of life, it could save 41% of newborns that would otherwise have died.  Absolutely incredible! It is also heartbreaking to see campaigns out there that play on people’s emotions, and take their money saying it is for premature babies, when in many cases, they could have been saved by a little breast milk.  Those people doing this like to ignore the truth when the lies make them money.  Trust me, no pharmaceutical company (because that is who really leads these campaigns) doing this so-called research, needs any sort of handout when they make more than the gross domestic product of the US!

Breast milk is also so important for the digestive health of a newborn.  All babies are born with a leaky gut.  The fat in the breast milk is large enough that it can safely cross over the leaky gut.  Formula does not pass safely over.  It quite literally poisons the body in this manner.  It does not matter whether you get formula that is milk-based, soy-based, organic, or what have you, it is still poisonous to a baby.  The same is true of introducing foods too early into a baby.  I always cringe when I hear of parents giving their babies rice cereal and jars of baby food when they are only a few months old because they aren’t “fitting” on some sort of ridiculous growth chart.  Growth charts should be burned as should formula, rice cereal, and jars of baby food.

There are so many other benefits to breastfeeding, other than just the health of the baby.  The health of the mother is also a huge benefit.  Not only does it release the hormone, oxytocin, which gives the mother a sense of elation and helps with the bonding process, but it also reduces the uterus back down to it’s original size rapidly (and yes, a little painfully, I will not lie).   I have read studies where breastfeeding reduces a mother’s risk of type 2 diabetes later in life.  In the study, twice as many mothers developed diabetes when they chose not to breastfed compared to those who did.  It can also improve cholesterol levels for a woman.  Other studies reveal that it may greatly and significantly reduce the risk of breast, ovarian, and endometrial cancers, as well as rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease!  It makes me wonder what the correlation between pro-formula/ anti-breastfeeding campaigns and cancer rates among women are (not that I believe is the only causative factor, but it surely can add to it!) Still another added bonus to breastfeeding is the absence of menses, which can be the icing on the cake for a new busy mom!  It also helps take the pregnancy weight off so you can fit back into pre-pregnancy clothes! What mother would not want to fit back into their pre-pregnancy jeans within a couple weeks, or even better, their “skinny jean?!”

With all the recalls of infant formulas, like the recent one of beetle larvae contaminating it, or the other one where there is known to be high levels of aluminum and even lead in them, it makes one wonder why this poison is even allowed on the market for human consumption.  (money and lobbying)

It is known that one bottle of soy formula has the equivalent hormones as 5 birth control pills!  You read that right, 5 birth control pills! This poison is seriously damaging children’s reproductive systems, and is causing a whole range of problems from cancers to pre-mature puberty and sterility.  Cow’s milk based formulas are no better as they contain antibiotics and steroids from improperly fed and raised diseased cows, among other toxic substances that ruin health.  Let alone, are you raising a baby cow or a baby human?  Do you want your child to grow that big?

There are so many other studies out there showing how dangerous infant formulas are, and consequently how many benefits there are to breastfeeding. With all the information out there, on this first most important thing a mother can do for her baby’s health, (and her own), is there really a choice here?  As they say in this video, breastfeeding could save 13 billion dollars a year in health care costs!  So, as the video suggests:  Whip ’em out!


The Biggest lie yet

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There are those of us out there that have taken off the “rose-colored glasses” and realized that “all that glitters is not gold.”  I am, of course, referring to the institutions that say they are there to promote health and offer life-saving treatments for the betterment and safety of mankind.  Who are these “institutions?”  They are known to you as the WHO, the AMA, the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, the ACS, and other such 3 letter acronyms representing “special interest groups.”  “Special,” meaning that they think they are special, and “interest” meaning they have their own interests in mind, not yours.

There is one thing I know for sure, the truth cannot be hidden for long.  Take this example of how these special interest groups are “working for the betterment of humans.:”

The case of raw honey.  It is known, and has been known to have curative effects.  It is healing, analgesic, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory.  It is also being studied as a possible way to stop and possibly reverse tumor growth.  That being said, of course it is under attack by one of those “3 letter-acronyms of power” as “dangerous.”  Why?  Because they don’t want you to have a cure for anything!  Check out this clip of a cooperative health food store in California that got raided as if they were selling cocaine.  They were only selling raw honey and raw milk (another healing food, if you choose to drink dairy at all). 

Why are we not seeing this kind of action being taken on places like McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and any number of the factory farms?  There is one word for this….money. You must follow the money trail.  If the majority of the population realized there already are cures for all the ailments of mankind, and it did not come in pill form (which now with the information age upon us, more are really, truly starting to), then the lies they have worked so hard to keep under wraps would be blown out of the water, and there would be no more profits for those who currently hold power.  Those “3 letter acronyms of power” are losing their battle, but going down fighting hard. The ones who speak the truth are taking hits and being “deleted” sometimes in cyber-space, sometimes in real life.

If this blog post gets deleted, I hope that I can reach a great many people before it does.  Even just one person that will share what I am about to tell you- which is HUGE.  It is the biggest lie yet, and it is also the basis of everything they stand on.

Ready?  Here goes.  The “germ theory” of disease is a junk theory. This is the theory that “a specific disease is caused by a specific type of microorganism.” Society generalizes into laymen’s terms as “germs are bad and cause sickness.” Louis Pasteur, the “originator” of the theory, was nothing but a plagairizer, phony, and a fake, hungry for power and money.  That is exactly what he got too.

Apparently Pasteur’s lies and deceitful ways run very, very deep.  The “germ theory” itself was actually so old that he was able to steal it, call it new, and claim it as his very own. The actual known originator of the theory came from an Italian man by the name of Geronimo Fracastorio who stated his “theory” in 1546 in a paper entitled, De Contagionibus e Contagiosis Morbis, et eorum Curatione. (remember a theory is just an idea, a guess, but not a proven fact!). This paper was published 300 years before Pasteur!  Does this give you an idea into his nature? Wait, there is more.

M.A. Plenciz, a viennese physician, wrote a paper in 1762, on the theory of germs and infectious disease. If you add this paper to Fracastorio’s paper, you have Pasteur’s complete fraudulent theory.  One written 300 years before Pasteur, the other written over 100 years before him!

It is said that Pasteur’s “nemesis” was Antoine Bechamp.  Bechamp has been hidden very carefully through the pages of our history books.  He proved time and again that Pasteur’s “theories” were flawed. This, of course, is why Pasteur had a distaste for him, and tried to discredit him.  Take this for example, Pasteur based his theory on his experiment where he injected the blood of a sick animal into a healthy animal, and the healthy animal got sick.  Who “catches” germs in this fashion?  Do you take your sick friend’s blood and inject it into your arm saying that “you caught their bug?”  No?  Of course you don’t! However, this is where his idea, that “germs cause disease,” came from! He was making healthy animals sick by poisoning their blood with the foreign blood of a sick animal.  Therefore the germs could attack this newly diseased tissue, of this now weakened animal, because of the poisoning!  The germs were put right into the bloodstream, not “caught” in the air!  Bechamp called his bluff on this, but it was of course, hidden.

In 1923, Ethel Douglas Hume wrote a book entitled, “Bechamp or Pasteur?” (it is now called, “Pasteur Exposed”)  She exposes in this book how Pasteur’s work was really Antoine Bechamp’s work, and furthermore, how there are great flaws in Pasteur’s interpretation of it.  The man was not even savvy enough to explain the experiments and theories properly.

Claude Bernard, a colleague of Pasteur’s, further proved that you cannot catch a “germ” to make you sick.  To demonstrate this point, he went one step further than just simply coming into contact with a “germy” sick person.  He took a glass of water filled with cholera, and drank it.  That is how sure he was that Pasteur was wrong.  (and no, he did not “catch” cholera). Bernard instead believed that the “terrain” or “soil” (state) of the body was everything, and the germ had no power alone to cause disease in the body.

It has been said in numerous places that Pasteur re-canted on his deathbed saying, “Bernard avait raison.  Le germe n’est rien, c’est le terrain qui est tout.” (translation:  “Bernard is right.  The germ is nothing, the soil is everything.”) Since no one is alive today that can tell us if these were among his dying words, we must only review his tarnished history to see that there is a possibility that he was “coming clean” at the end.

The next big flaw to Pasteur’s theory is that he claims that germs are unchangeable.  When you look at microorganisms under a darkfield microscope, assuming the blood they are contained in has not been fixed and frozen in time (which is typical lab practice), and is still alive, they can change forms according to their environment.  This is called pleomorphic.  A virus can become a bacterium and then can mutate into a yeast or a fungus. Bechamp discovered this pleomorphic nature of germs.  Claude Bernard later described the environments that caused these changes.  Ooooh, isn’t this a dirty little covered up bit of information that washes out many things, like say for example… flu shots? Because if the strains of viruses they capture can morph into something else (and they do) it blows that idea out of the water that the same strain of virus injected into you “to protect you” is the one that would be presently airborne to make you “sick.” (and by the way, they always use the last year’s strain that was frozen in time- always.)

If this “germ theory” were true, wouldn’t the human race have been wiped out long ago?  Under this assumption how could we possibly defend ourselves from germs? Why do some people in a school or a household remain fine, when others seem to “catch” the virus?  How do people, in a hospital full of sick people, not “catch” everything that is airborne? So what does make more sense?  This idea may just make a little more sense to you.  It certainly does to me. Rudolph Virchow, the “Father of Pathology” said, “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat- diseased tissue- rather than being the cause of diseased tissue; eg. mosquitoes seek the stagnant water, but do not cause the pool to become stagnant.”  Let’s just say that again, “germs seek their natural habitat, which is diseased tissue.”   In other words, if you are not optimally healthy, germs will seek out your diseased tissue and invade your body, the key is to get and keep your body healthy.  You do not “catch germs” that make you sick, you are already sick and they seek you out!  So all that hand-washing with anti-bacterial soap, and lysol, and other such silly practices do nothing to help you, in fact, they weaken you even more because they are not only toxic chemicals that overtax your body, but they are also killing off beneficial bacteria (yes there are beneficial bacteria in each of us called pro-biotics) that help to protect your body!  Those things create diseased tissue!

So what does keep you healthy so that your tissue does not become diseased?  , A clear brain-body connection via a properly functioning nervous system (chiropractic adjustments), proper nutrition (raw or at least 51% raw diet free of acid forming foods), proper rest, regular exercise, very limited exposure to toxins, fresh clean water, plenty of unfiltered sunlight,  stress-reduction, deep breaths, and a positive mental attitude coupled with a sound spirit.  Body-Mind-Soul once again!

All of this information can be researched by you, (as I did) in these places.  This blog post was adapted from these sources, to give you a bit of information so you can discover more on your own (which I highly recommend).:

And the big Daddy:

You can also check out the book, “Pasteur Exposed.”

You are a Master!

Posted in Moving Forward on August 5, 2010 by senhoramora

Have you ever heard the commonly thrown around myth that a disease “runs in the family,” referring to the misconception that you are controlled by your genes?  I bet you have, and I will place money on a bet that you have said this yourself.

Being controlled by genes is one of the “Mother of all” damaging common myths when it comes to disease, of course you can’t change that you have curly hair or brown eyes, or those sorts of things- although, you can get your hair straightened and put in colored contacts, but that doesn’t really change it does it?) I am talking about that “cancer that runs in the family,” or the “diabetes,” or the “heart disease.”  Those ones are doozies! Forgive those that spread this “old school biology dogma” around, they just haven’t caught up to the “new biology.”  The “new biology” is Epigenetic control.  “epi (above)- genetic (referring to the genes) control (power).”  Yes!  YOU HAVE THE POWER! Over your genes!  Isn’t that fantastic?!!!

What “runs in family” but has been mis-labeled as family genes, is poor lifestyle choices and behavioral tendencies.  The epigenome, which, simply stated,  is what turns genes “on” and “off” determines the expression of health or disease.  The epigenome is affected by the environment of the individual (which includes not only the physical environment, but also the mental and emotional environment).  Environment is Everything!  Body-Mind-Soul connection is everything.

Okay, enough of my babbling, just go listen to the experts on this. Then we will discuss….(drumroll)….the germ “theory.”