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Questions from a “Food Snob”

July 24, 2011

Hello, my name is Jen, and I am a “food snob.” Tonight I was watching one of my favorite movies, “Ratatouille” and really feeling like a complete food snob as I indulged in my local olives, hand-made local goat cheese from goats that eat GRASS (what a novel idea. Goats eating grass. ahem…excuse me, my […]

Tips to Keep Easter Healthy

April 18, 2011

Easter is one of the worst holidays for colored “treats” for children.  Unnatural dyes in foods are beyond bad for children and adults for that matter.  They cause hyperactivity, tumors, endocrine disruption, thyroid dysfunction, severe allergic reaction, and just a “rainbow” of negative effects.  They have even been banned in Europe (although it seems they […]

Health Principle #26

March 21, 2011

I haven’t been posting in a while to this blog, and I wanted to apologize for that to my readers that had been following along quite diligently with me.  Life is full of amazing things that we attract into it, and which play themselves out in surprising ways sometimes.  I am currently working on a […]

Being Aware Could Save Your Life!

October 29, 2010

As “Breast Cancer Awareness month” comes to a close, and the pink ribbons are slowly being replaced with holiday ornaments, I would like to share with you some insight I have gained the years in reading and researching. There are so many people ready to take up this cause, lend their support, and find their […]

Watcha doin’ with that…

September 24, 2010

Health is affected by everything surrounding the body, everything put into the body, our thoughts, and how we cope with outward and inward stressors.  The very first choices, unfortunately, are not our own.  As infants, every choice is made for us by our parents or care-takers. As parents, we have our children’s lives and health […]

The Biggest lie yet

August 17, 2010

There are those of us out there that have taken off the “rose-colored glasses” and realized that “all that glitters is not gold.”  I am, of course, referring to the institutions that say they are there to promote health and offer life-saving treatments for the betterment and safety of mankind.  Who are these “institutions?”  They […]

You are a Master!

August 5, 2010

Have you ever heard the commonly thrown around myth that a disease “runs in the family,” referring to the misconception that you are controlled by your genes?  I bet you have, and I will place money on a bet that you have said this yourself. Being controlled by genes is one of the “Mother of […]

Post Birth Issues

August 2, 2010

I have read a lot of books on birthing.  This post may not be as inclusive as I would like it to be, as I do not have my book with me, but I need to bring up some major issues about the after birth stage. I had been watching videos on the few seconds […]

Birth plan and possible “disruptions”

July 27, 2010

I have a friend who was researching her options between homebirth with a midwife, and a natural hospital birth.  At that point, I had already had two succesful midwife assisted births under my belt, and the third planned unassisted birth was looming.  She had decided that she was going to go with a natural hospital […]

Birth: Asking the Right Questions

July 20, 2010

Birth: it is a rite of passage or a scary event, it depends on how you view it.  This view of the birthing process will ultimately make up the way you handle birth, (or do not handle it).  Women seem to have been trained from their early childhoods that birth is scary, painful, and not […]